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Thomas John, Co-Founder and Executive Chef

Chef Thomas JohnChef Thomas John is internationally recognized for his innovative cooking style, which has been described as “delectable, different and delicious.” He was honored by Food and Wine magazine as one of America’s “Best New Chefs,” and by the James Beard Foundation as a “Rising Star of American Cuisine.”

 While Thomas was Executive Chef at Mantra, the restaurant was named a best restaurant by Esquire magazine and one of the “Top 75 Restaurants in the World” by Condé Nast Traveler. The Boston Globe awarded Mantra a coveted three and a half stars. As Executive Chef at Au Bon Pain, Thomas shared his passion for bringing world-class cuisine to a wider audience. He’s excited to introduce customers to the flavors of the Mediterranean with Piperi.

Tim Oliveri, Co-Founder

Tim Oliveri As a former harried office professional, Tim Oliveri knows just how starved for time, taste and nutrition the workaday lunch crowd can be. Over the course of his long and storied career he’s held finance positions at places like Pepsi-Cola, Ice Mountain Spring Water and, most recently, Au Bon Pain, where he was the Chief Financial Officer. It was at Au Bon Pain that Tim met Chef Thomas. They discovered that they had many shared values, including the importance of teamwork and social responsibility. They also both loved the idea of a restaurant concept that would create a sense of wellbeing for employees and guests.

Tim is mostly vegetarian, interested in healthy diets and fitness and obsessed with value, efficiency and excellent service—all essential elements of Piperi’s DNA. He is the devoted dad of two almost-adult children, an aspiring writer and a former rock band member. (He considered playing only Jimi Hendrix music in the restaurant but Chef Thomas talked him out of it.) Tim is a proud graduate of Suffolk University and Babson College, and is currently earning an unofficial graduate degree in blues harmonica. He loves the complex and ever-changing adventure that is Piperi.


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